About us

We are a long established, family run, horsebox building firm, with over 25 years experience, that covers a wide range of services in the equine industry, and also provide services in many other industries as well. Here at Whittingham’s we work closely with our clients to give them 100% of what they want, to suit their budget. 

We pride ourselves in building a quality horsebox that will live up to the task for many years, as well as providing luxury living accommodation, so that the client can live in total comfort. We cover all aspects of horse transport, we build anything from 3.5ton 2 stall vans, right up to 26 ton twin axle lorries with slide out sides, we offer new builds or conversions, 4 stall working wagons to multi stall transporters. 

We carry out refits, body swaps, repair work, & insurance work to the highest standard at affordable prices. We also service vehicles of all kinds & offer an MOT service. There is absolutely no area we won’t cover, we even carry out trailer repair/builds and offer a valeting service. As well as the above services we also offer a for sale service. We are more than happy to sell vehicles on behalf of clients, to other clients. This kind of service does have many advantages. It offers clients peace of mind at both ends of the sale, the seller does not have the hassle of making sure the vehicle is in “tip top” shape, or have the hassle of negotiating a deal. The buyer at the other end will have receive a fully working valeted vehicle, that will have been run through our workshop, & bumper to bumper checked by our experienced staff, then will be interior & exterior valeted, to the highest standard.

Here at Whittingham Truck Tech Ltd we also carry out other aspects of leisure and commercial vehicle building. We can construct motor homes & race trucks, fit out camper vans, & repair these types of vehicles as well. We also kit out commercial vehicles, we build escort vans for transporting abnormal loads with overnight accommodation installed, as well as lining out vans & pickups in any material you desire. So if you have any queries at all, or would like any kind of quotations, please feel free to contact us I’m sure we will be able to assist you.